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Project 365: Day 34 – Chinatown (Yee’s Restaurant)

During our visit to San Francisco we really wanted to check out Chinatown.  It turned out to be fairly close to where we were staying and well within walking distance, even with 2 small children.

Leaving our hotel we walked down Market Street to Grant Avenue and then three blocks up Grant to the dragon adorned Pagoda Gated entrance to Chinatown.  Our main goal at this point was to find food.

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from in Chinatown.  There are several on Grant Avenue, many more on the side streets and even more one street over on Stockton Street.  While walking down Grant we came across this display of roasted ducks and chickens with a sign out front proclaiming Yee’s Restaurant.  It looked too good to pass up.

Normally I don’t eat any meat except for fish but when I travel I like to endulge in the eating pleasure of duck, chicken, pork and beef.  After looking at the roasted ducks and a large roasted suckling pig sitting on a table I knew what I wanted to order.

We set about ordering roasted duck, suckling pig and a plate of Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce.  I found it all to be very good.  There didn’t seem to be too many tourists such as ourselves inside, mainly locals and all the conversations where appropriately in Chinese.  If we had woken up in this place without knowing where we were we would have guessed China.

Our waiter was very friendly and the service was prompt.  Overall the food was delicious and it was a pleasant experience.  I wouldn’t hesitate to eat there again.

Chinatown is definitely a place to be experienced and enjoyed.  There are lots of shops to pick up cheap souvenirs, silk clothing, Chinese art work and anything else you can imagine.  I read that Chinatown holds the largest ethnic Chinese population outside of Asia with over 10,000 Chinese residents.

Should you visit Chinatown don’t limit yourself to Grant Avenue.  While Grant is a great place to start there is so much more in terms of traditional herb pharmacies, temples, garment factories, fresh produce markets and restaurants one street over on Stockton.

Note: For this photo I applied a Topaz Labs filter called “Spicify” to create a more dramatic effect.

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