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Project 365: Day 41 – Slide

Tonight we went to a birthday celebration for the 1st birthday of the daughter of our friends.  It was held at a center where they have a playground, mini-golf and laser tag.  My son was really enjoying the slide at the playground so I wanted to try and capture the fun and motion of the slide.

I used a Canon S90 for this shot at ISO 800 F/2.0 @ 1/40th sec.  To me anything above ISO 400 on this camera requires lots of noise reduction in post processing.  I still need to shoot more with this camera in different lighting conditions to really get a better feel for it.

If you are interested in reading more about the Canon S90 I wrote down some of my initial thoughts on the camera here.  It’s a very nice compact point & shoot camera and under the right lighting conditions takes very good shots.

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