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Project 365: Day 45 – Basket of Mandarins

I love these little mandarins.  They are so sweet and juicy.  The thing about them is that you can be eating them and before you know it you’ve eaten like 10 of them.  My kids love them too.  My youngest will eat them like there is no tomorrow but my oldest just sucks the juice out of them and leaves a pulpy blog on his plate.  To each his own I guess.

Recently I watched Food Inc. and I have to say it really changed the way that I view food.  I’m still processing all the I saw and learned and trying to figure out how it will change my life and the way I shop.  Already I buy primarily organic produce and I’ve also cut out all meat except for fish from my diet but after watching this movie I feel there is more that I can do.  It really is true that we have the opportunity to do something good for the environment with the food choices we make 3 times a day.  It’s a personal choice that might involve some sacrifice but as I think about the things that are put into our food I have to ask myself what is my health really worth to me?

Canon 5DII | Tamron 28-75 F/2.8 | F/9 | 1/125th sec. | ISO 100

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