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Project 365: Day 46 – River Walk

I like to spend my lunch hour walking.  Not only is it a good break from the monotony of work but it’s a time I can think about and plan my future.  Getting outside from the confining space of the office cubicle and into the fresh air really revives ones spirit.

Recently I was thinking about all the pollution we are exposed to every day.  I’m not referring to the pollution you might see belching from the tailpipes of cars or spewing from the smokestacks of factories.  I’m talking about sensory pollution like noise.  Do we even know what silence is anymore?  We are constantly inundated with sounds 24 hours a day be it the lawn mower muffler cars, the blaring blast of a train, an ambulance, cellphone conversations or the noisy neighbor blasting out a baseline beat.

I read an article on how noise is killing us.  It was actually a review of a book by George Prochnik called “In Pursuit of Silence: How Noise Really Is Killing Us”.  It is something to think about as we surround ourselves with technology that begs for our attention.

It’s a good argument for preserving our natural spaces.  Keeping intact places we can go to escape the constant drum of noise that surrounds us all the time.  For me my daily walks, while not noise free, do allow me to limit the noise pollution I am subjected to.  Give the above link a read and let me know your own thoughts.

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