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Project 365: Day 49 – Bowling Balls

Today my co-workers and I took off work early and headed on down to the local bowling alley for some team building.  I hadn’t been bowling in quite some time and it showed.  The first game I bowled a 110 and then a 94 for the second game.  I came in 4th place out of 5, just ahead of my boss.

It was fun to get away from the office and hang out with the crew.  I got to work on my game a bit with my back-kick and jazz hands (it really does help).  After a long week cooped up in the office it was nice to get out early.

I took this photo of the bowling balls with a Canon S90, 6mm @ f/2.0 ISO 400.  I processed it in Photoshop CS4 with a Topaz Labs noise reduction filter.  The more I shoot the Canon S90 the more I notice that anything over ISO 400 is pretty noisy.  The Topaz Labs deNoise3 filter does a pretty good job at taking it out however.

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