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Project 365: Day 58 – Screen Shot

There was a lot of internal debate about whether to post this shot on the blog.  I really think it is a cool shot of my sister messing around with the screen door.  But another part of me remembered the old saying “What goes around comes around”.  Obviously my better sense lost the battle.

Tonight we had a family gathering to celebrate the 3 April birthdays in the family: my Dad, me and my youngest son (who turns 4).  We had an Italian theme potlatch style meal with homemade noodles with a shrimp sauce, pan baked lasagna, salad and bread followed by birthday cake.  It’s always a fun time with family.  We wrapped up the evening with some Wii Sports play where my kids promptly beat me at tennis.

I took this photo as my sister was messing around with the screen door.  I used the pop-up flash on the Canon S90.

Canon S90 | 6mm @ f/8 | 1/60th sec. | ISO 100

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