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Project 365: Day 8 – Inside a Wheel

Today we decided to check out the 72nd Annual Oregon Logging Convention at the Lane County Fairgrounds.  While my tendency is to favor strict environmental regulations I also acknowledge that logging plays a large role in the Pacific Northwest and when managed responsibly is a sustainable resource that provides us with a wide range of products from lumber to paper. 

With that said we really wanted to check out the heavy machinery (at least the boys and I did) as they let you climb up inside many of them.  This photo is of my son taking a break inside a giant wheel on some logging equipment.  There were all kinds of heavy machinery there.  After seeing a few episodes of “Extreme Loggers” on TV it was interesting to see some of the equipment and realize how large these things really are.

There were quite a few interesting exhibits.  In one area they had some hand saw competitions with teams of two trying to saw through a log as quickly as possible.  There were some kids activities too with a lady making balloon creatures, some arts and crafts and a face painting booth.

One of the more interesting booths there was one by Wildlife Images which is an animal rehabilitation and education center down in Grants Pass.  They provide care and treatment for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.  They had a few birds with them, a spotted owl, a rare white colored Harlans Red-tailed hawk and a Harris hawk.  The lady was telling me that the Harlans Red-tailed hawk had flown into a building and that he was completely blind on his right side.  Since hawks require perfect depth of vision this hawk is no longer able to hunt on his own.  These birds are really magnificent.

It was a fun and interesting day.

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