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Project 365: Day 9 – Spring is here, says the ant

Today was just a really nice day outside.  The sun was out, it was warm but not too warm.  The birds were chirping, flowers were blooming, the smell of pollen was in the air, the neighbor was mowing his lawn and the light lingered just a little longer in the evening sky.  All signs that Spring is approaching.

I saw this flower in our front yard and wondered what it must look like from the perspective of an ant.  So I tucked my Canon S90 underneath it and shot straight up.  I like this unique perspective.

I think Spring is one of the best seasons.  The sky starts to appear brighter, the days are longer, temperatures are generally warmer (although I remember some years when we have had snow into April), flowers and trees are blooming, and the kids are getting back into outdoor sports.

I hate to admit it but the last several years I have not gone out and shot the blooming mountain wild flowers.  This year I plan on doing that and will be taking time off from work to make sure of it.  One thing I’ve always dreamed of doing is to take wild flower photos in Death Valley.  My guess is that with all the rain that Southern California has received this year the wild flowers should be good this year.  The thing is, you never really know when the peak bloom is going to be so you just have to play it by ear and wait for the reports online and then make a break for it.

I’m hoping this will be a good year for Oregon as well.

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