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Project 365: Days 304-317

It’s a New Year so I’m going to cram a bunch of 2010 images into this post.  It may be image overload but I’m going to risk it. Here we go!

Day 304:

My youngest son brushing his teeth before bedtime

Day 305:

Beef Rendang
I’m seriously addicted to this stuff. Soooooo tasty!!

Day 306::

Ginger Ronde - traditional Indonesian drink

My wife made up some ginger ronde a traditional Indonesian beverage served warm.

Day 307:

Out of ideas so grabbed a cheese grater and took a unique angle

Day 308:

Not sure how we managed it but we got the boys to pose together. It’s a Christmas Eve miracle!

Day 309:

Bacon Wrapped Dates
Our Christmas dinner consisted of deep fried turkey. This was the appetizer…bacon wrapped dates.

Day 310:

My sister made me this wonderful vanilla candle. I liked the word HOPE on top. It’s a good thing to have for the New Year

Day 311:

Got bored and thought…hey why not photograph eggs. It worked!

Day 312:

MacBook Air
A friend at work got a MacBook Air. This thing is so thin. Amazing!

Day 313:

Cup of Smoke
We got some frozen fish in the mail and it was packed in dry ice. I decided to have a little fun with it.

Day 314:

Winter Sky
It’s cold and feels like winter. It looks like winter too.

Day 315:

Crabs for New Years
To celebrate the New Year we ate these delicious crabs.

Day 316:

Spicy Chicken Satay
My wife made up these spicy chicken satay for New Years.

Day 317:


Blue Ice
My back is still in really bad shape but at least this blue ice pack brings some relief.

OK, so there we have it. Project 365 is updated.  I hope you enjoy the photos.


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