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Project 365: Days 323-329

It’s Project 365 posting time again.  I really like the images that I took this week.  Some fun stuff!

Day 323: Hot Grill

Hot Grill

We started doing a bit more grilling at home and this George Foreman grill fits the bill perfectly.  We’ve been grilling up everything from chicken to vegetables.  It does a great job of draining the oil and grease out of foods which means it’s healthier for you.

Day 324: What Happens to Pizza

What Happens to Pizza

This is what happens to pizza when you have hungry boys.  My wife likes to make everything from scratch which is the best pizza we’ve had.

Day 325: Hall Walker

Hall Walker

I was just messing around with this shot trying to annoy my wife.  I know…it’s like poking a bees nest with a stick. I never learn.  But I ended up liking the way this photo came out.  Originally in color I converted to B&W as I think the contrast works better with the image and sense of motion.  And in case you are wondering, yes I was successful in annoying her.

Day 326: 1.0 TB Drives

1.0TB Hard Drives

Taking photos everyday for this Project 365 means I need lots of storage.  These 1.0 TB Western Digital drives are just a small sample of the amount of storage I currently have for photos and video.  Shooting with the Canon 5DII also means increased resolution and ultimately file size.  Maybe it’s time to consider investing in cloud storage for my “good” shots.

Day 327: 38 Days Left

38 Days Left

Only 38 days left of Project 365. I’m planning an ebook of all the photos when this project ends so stay tuned for that.

Day 328: WINNER!


My youngest proudly displaying his winning medal.

Day 329: Heart Cookies

Heart Cookies

My wife has been practicing her cookie decorating skills in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.  We have been practicing our taste testing skills.

And there you have it!  Another week of Project 365.

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