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Project 365: Days 355-360

Tomorrow is the final day of Project 365! Yes, it’s actually Day 365.  So I’ve got some catch-up to do on posting images, so let’s get started.

Day 355: Trees At Sunset

silhouettes of trees at sunset

Got home from work just in time to shoot this beautiful sunset through the silhouettes of the trees in our backyard.

Day 356: Asparagus

Asparagus spears on white background

Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables even if it does make your pee stink.  My favorite way to cook them is to grill them and apply some garlic butter. What ways have you eaten asparagus?  For this photo I used a Canon 5DII and a Canon 70-200 f/4 lens.  I worked the camera on a tripod and used a Canon 580EXII flash with a softbox attached. 

Day 357: Sweethearts

sweethearts candy for Valentine's Day

We took the kids Valentine’s Day shopping to get some stuff for school.  My youngest wanted to get the Sweethearts boxes of little heart shaped candies. “They’re all mine” he said.

Day 358: Colorful Bell Peppers

Bell peppers of red, orange, yellow and gree on a white background

I absolutely love how this shot came out.  The colors and just crisp and bright.  I used the same combination as the asparagus image above with the Canon 5DII and 70-200 f/4 lens.  The colors just really pop off the white background (which is just a simple cutting board).  I may print this one out to hang in the kitchen.  Look for it in the store soon.

Day 359: Brothers Gotta Hug

Two brothers hugging, one doesn't like it

I was taking a few family portraits and trying to get a few of my two sons together (a nearly impossible thing) and said “Come on guys! Brothers Gotta Hug!” at which point my youngest started to hug his brother who pretended like it wasn’t happening.

Day 360: Valentine’s Day Cake

Chocolate Mousse Valentine's Day Cake

My wife made this chocolate mousse cake and hand made the chocolate hearts with gold painted cupids surrounding the cake.  So sweet and tasty.  I think it had Bailey’s in it.

Check out the next post for the final images before Day 365!

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