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Project 365: Days 361-364

This is the second to last Project 365 post. Tomorrow is the conclusion of my personal Project 365.  I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  And ironically it’s all going to end right where it started: at the annual Eugene Asian Celebration.  So here are images from days 361 – 364.

Day 361: Spinning Portrait

a portrait of me taken while spinning

I took this with a Canon S90 while spinning around like crazy.  In fact I was spinning so fast I almost made myself sick.  I set the camera to manual mode and slowed the shutter speed down.  But I also used the on camera flash and set it to low power (because it was so close to my face) and had it go off second shutter.  This way the background was blurred but my face relatively sharp.

Day 362: Glowing Hot Burner

A stovetop burner glowing red hot

I was heating some water to make some tea and as I usually do I turned the burner to high (it heats the water faster right?) and liked the way the burner glowed in the dark kitchen.  So of course I had to get the camera out and take a few photos.  But I took so long setting it all up and getting the shot I had envisioned that the burner got really hot and started to smell up the house like something was on fire which got the attention of everyone in the house.  Nothing like the whole family entering a dark kitchen to see me hunched over a camera aimed at a glowing burner.

Day 363: Playing Some Wii Fit

Playing Some Wii Fit

Our new family ritual every night is to play some Wii Fit.  It’s a great way to have some family fun and get some exercise.  In case you were wondering you can get a decent workout from it.  This is my youngest son playing.

Day 364: Margarita Friday

A margarita in a salt rimmed glass

We celebrated a co-workers birthday today and slipped out of work in the afternoon to enjoy a couple of pitchers of margaritas.  Honestly I think it should be how every Friday afternoon should be spent.

OK, tomorrow is the big event!  The final Project 365 image.  What will it be?  Not even I know yet.  See you tomorrow!

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