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So this week I am on the road exploring Northern California and San Francisco.  Yesterday I spent time in the Redwood State Park around Orick California.

If you’ve been to the Redwoods you know how awe inspiring they are.  If you haven’t been there let me just say that these are the biggest trees you will ever see.  They are just ginormous (ginormous is a word right?)

I drove along the Newton B Drury Scenic parkway through stands of 350 foot tall redwoods.  I hiked on a few trails through these magnificent groves of trees, gazed in awe at the Big Tree (it is 341 feet tall and 21 feet in diameter) near Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to share right now as while I am lucky to have Internet access the laptop I have with me is incapable hardware-wise of opening Lightroom and the large files from the Canon 5DII.  I suppose this is more justification to upgrade to a new laptop.

I hope to post photos from this adventure in a few days.  Project 365 is still going strong and I will post updates for that as soon as I can.

Until then keep moving forward to great things.

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