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Sambal Oelek – Project 365: Day 248

Sambal OelekRecently I have had this great craving for spicy food.  The thing is I’ve never been a huge fan of really spicy food.  Maybe the turning point was the Eid-ul-Fitr celebration where I experienced the most awesome and best tasting beef rendang ever.  So now I am having this sambal oelek with almost every meal.  I always used to make fun of my wife for having something spicy with every meal.  I said she needed a utility belt so she could easily carry around her spicy sambal, or maybe a special sambal purse with different compartments all organized in terms of the level of spiciness.  But now I guess she gets the last laugh as I am putting this stuff on everything.   If you like spicy condiments go get yourself some of this. Of course my wife says it isn’t really that spicy.

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