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Shine Your Light – Project 365: Day 208

Light BulbWe all need a little light in our world.  But the kind of light we need isn’t produced with electricity, filaments and inert gases.  Sure, these can and do produce light but this light will eventually fail as filaments burn up and electricity goes out.

There is darkness in the world.  Turn on the TV, open a newspaper, listen to the radio if you want the darkness.  Everywhere you turn is darkness.  The light from even the brightest bulb cannot shine into this darkness. There is only one light that can break through the shadows and peer deep into this darkness.  As it shines forth it breaks the darkness apart weakening it’s grip and eventually driving it out.  It’s a light that each and every one of us is capable of producing and displaying on our own.  The light I am talking about shining is LOVE.

Where will you shine your light today?

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