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Speedometer – Project 365: Day 202

SpeedometerThe other day as I was driving to work I glanced in my rear view mirror and noticed the car behind me was about a foot off my bumper.  The speed was 35 and that was exactly what I was doing.  You see I was in no hurry to get where I was going.  These days I’m all about the journey and not so much about the destination so I don’t need to rush around like a madman.

Have you noticed how much of a rush people are in these days?  It seems we are in such a hurry that we are willing to exceed the speed limit, run red lights, cut people off in traffic, pull in front of people and generally get angry when anyone gets in our way and slows us down.  Our patience seems to have disappeared and our expectations for immediate gratification have grown exponentially.

I’m not saying that this is wrong, what I am saying is that maybe we need to think about why it is that we rush around and forget politeness in the process.  A little consideration for those around us goes a long way to creating change in the world.  In the words of Mohandas Gandhi, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

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