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Spring Snow and DxO Labs FilmPack Deal

Spring Snow

We woke up this morning on the second day of Spring to about 10 inches of snow on the ground with more coming down.  The kids were really excited and happy that school was cancelled.  They quickly got dressed in their warm winter clothing and headed outside to throw snowballs at each other and begin construction of their snow fort.

It was a very wet and heavy snow and we started hearing all kinds of creaking and cracking from the trees due to the weight of the snow.  A few limbs had already given way and landed on my truck.  In the backyard we heard more cracking and saw a large tree weighed down with snow dipping perilously close to your power line.

I grabbed a rake and started brushing off snow to ease the burden and try and save ourselves from losing power.  Thankfully the tree stood strong.

Tonight they are predicting another 3-5 inches of wet snow so it will be interesting to see what the morning commute brings.  Hopefully no more downed trees!

Latest PhotoWhoa Deal

I also wanted to make a quick mention that right now on PhotoWhoa they are running a very sweet deal on DxO Labs FilmPack v3.2 which is a popular photo effects software package.  There are literally hundreds of different combinations of vintage film effects contained in this software.  It sells for $79 regular price but for a limited time it is only $39 on PhotoWhoa.

Some of the available film looks include:

  • positive color films (slide film effects like Fuji Velvia and Provia 400)
  • negative color films
  • black & white films
  • creative renderings
  • filters
  • cross processing
  • toning

If you are in the market for film effects take a look and see if this deal fits the bill at 51% off regular price.

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