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Stick Out Your Tongue – Project 365: Day 282

Stick out your tongueMy son and I had a good time playing around with different things. I wanted to try and create an image where it looked like he was holding a Star Wars lightsaber. It didn’t come out all that well but you can see the result here.  On one shot during this shoot I caught him sticking his tongue out at me, which is a sure sign he is tired of posing for photos.  I decided to turn that shot into a black & white high key image.

There are a few things about high key images that you may notice right away.  First they are bright.  This is accomplished by setting the exposure levels to high values.  But you can take this too far and over expose an image which may or may not be what you are going for.  The second thing is a lack of shadows.  The lighting is very even.  The third feature you will see is a lack of contrast.  The image is very dreamy looking.

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