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Stop – Project 365: Day 254

STOPLife can be challenging.  Life has a way of slapping us silly.  Life has a way of bringing things to our attention in unexpected ways.  Life can change the rules on a moments notice.  Life can be periods of intense chaos.  Life can also be good, very good.  Sometimes it’s important to STOP and reflect on where we are in life.  Are we on the path that is making us happy and fulfilled?  Are we doing the things that make us feel we are truly making a difference in the world?

Every month I like to sit down and assess my life.  What did I accomplish this month?  Am I following the path that is making me happy?  If not what can I do to change that?  And then I write down the steps I can take to get where it is I want to be.  It’s important to STOP and make sure the path we are on is really the path we think we are on.  Otherwise, we could be traveling the wrong way; on a path that takes us further from our dreams and ultimate happiness.

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