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Sugar Cones – Project 365: Day 100

Sugar ConesIt’s Day 100 of my Project 365.  That means I have now posted and written about 100 images that I have taken over the course of the last 100 days.  Only 265 days left.

I remember this type of ice cream cone growing up.  We would use a big scoop and pile it up as high as we could get away with.  Memories of the good old days when calories meant nothing.

Shot Setup

The setup for this shot is very simple and uses a single speedlight.  If you take a look at the setup shot below (click the image for a larger view) you will see I have a single Canon 430EXII with a Lumiquest Softbox III.  My flash was set at 1/32 power and the beam narrowed to 80mm.

Behind the cones I had placed a 5-1 reflector with the black side out so as to make a nice black background that would make the lighter colored cones really stand out from.  On the right side of the cones I taped a white sheet of paper to a box as a reflector.  This provided some fill light on the right side of the cones.  Without this the front cone blended into the background too much.  With the reflector in place you can really see the outline of the cone now.

I shot this with a Canon 5DII and a Tamron 28-75mm lens.  I set the camera on manual mode and used an aperture of f/10 which provided a bit more depth of field.  My point of focus was directly on the front cone.  To take the shot I was actually laying down on my side so I could get the camera at the same level as the cones.  Sometimes I will hand hold the camera and at other times I will use a tripod and a wireless trigger.  This shot was totally hand-held.  The flash was triggered with a Cactus v4.

So as you can see you don’t need a fancy studio setup to take decent food photographs.  I set all this up in about 5 minutes and fired off 30 shots in no time.  I’d love to hear what you think of this photo and the setup.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

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