Summer Corn – Project 365: Day 177

by matt on August 16, 2010

Summer CornThere are a few foods that really scream Summer to me.  Watermelon is one and corn is the other.  Down at the local Farmer’s Market there is a guy who sells corn out of the back of his truck.  It’s the best corn I have ever had.  So tender and sweet.

He sells a couple of different varieties: a sweet yellow, a white and a hybrid of white and yellow.  My personal favorite is the white corn followed by the hybrid.  This corn is so sweet that at times I just give it a quick steam and eat it just like that.  Other times I get a little naughty and slap on some butter and a touch of sea salt.  Either way this corn is delicious.

What is your favorite corn and how do you like to eat it?

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