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The Wall – Project 365: Day 247

The Wall of VinesOver the weekend I met up with a fellow blogger friend Mark Powers of Powers Percussion (go check his blog out).  We took a drive out to King Estate winery and had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed some good wine.  The weather was a bit stormy but that just added some character to the day.

Mark and I talked a bit about our plans for the future and I found him to be a great guy.  He is working on a new project called The Donating Drummer.  It’s all about giving back to the community and I think it is just a fantastic idea.  Here’s how it will work: every month readers will submit an application answering the question “What would you do with $X amount of money?”  Then Mark will donate his earnings from one gig, performance or recording session that month to fund his favorite submission.  I find this to be a fantastic and creative idea and I’m looking forward to seeing the submissions once this thing kicks off in December.  So if you have a good idea head on over to The Donating Drummer and submit it.  You just might win the money to make your idea a reality.

After we had enjoyed a great lunch we headed outside.  I noticed on some wooden tables that the rain water had beaded up.  It made for a really cool shot which you can see here.  As we made our way around to the side of the winery I spotted this vine colored wall.  The leaves on the vine were changing colors and it just made for a really neat image.  Then I spotted the light fixture and knew immediately I had to frame it into the image.  I think it came out great.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday.  Hanging out with a good friend (thanks Mark!), capturing some great images of a beautiful location and ending it all with a birthday party for my little sister.  Happy Birthday Debbie!!

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