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Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

I’m currently on the road with two kids in tow so it’s been an interesting day.  If you ever need to torture a person just put them in a car for 11 hours with two hyperactive kids.

Seriously though, traveling with kids has a few additional challenges than traveling solo.  You’ve got to play many different roles from the provider (getting food and water) to the entertainer (necessary when books have been read multiple times) to the pacifier (when it’s brother against brother).

Travel is already stressful enough without kids rubbing all your nerves raw.  So how do you play all the roles and keep your sanity?  First, remember that for kids this is a big adventure and can be a good learning opportunity.  Be patient and look for opportunities to teach your kids something.  Point out interesting landmarks along the way.

Play a game that involves finding different items along the journey.  We often play iSpy where one person “spies” something up ahead and everyone tries to guess what it is based on a given clue.

Stop frequently.  Yes I know this kills because we all tend to see the destination as the goal but don’t forget about the thrill of the journey.  It’s the experiences along the way that make the destination that much more sweet.

Above all else never lose control.  Your kids rely on you to be the leader and to provide comfort and security.  Play this role for them above all else.

As I write this from our hotel room in Patterson California I look back on today and realize that while I may not have done the best job at keeping my cool I am pretty sure my kids enjoyed this first part of the journey and will enjoy the final destination that much more.

Got kids and love to travel?  What survival tips can you offer?

Since I am on the road this week Project 365 will be delayed as I have no way to edit my photos.  I’ll still be taking a daily photo, I just won’t be posting it until I get back a few days from now.

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