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Toothbrush – Project 365: Day 188

ToothbrushI realized just the other day that I am now officially more than half-way done with this Project 365.  I really can’t believe that I’ve crossed the half-way point.  I mean seriously there are times when I really wanted to just quit.  Some days it was a real struggle to get the camera out and take a photo not to mention find something that was half-way interesting to shoot.  But now I’ve crossed the hump and it’s all downhill from here.  Good times!

And then it came time for another day of photos.  The clock was ticking down and I needed to shoot something before the stroke of midnight.  I looked outside but it was already dark.  I ran around the house picking up random items trying to picture in my mind how I could make them look unique and interesting.  Maybe I was just trying too hard.

Finally I decided to just get ready for bed.  It was late and I my level of frustration was reaching a rather high level.  As I got ready to brush my teeth I looked around and an image popped into my head.  I ran and grabbed my P&S Canon and snapped a few pictures.  This is what I ended up with for the day.

Kids…this is why you should always brush your teeth.  You never know when you need to use it for Project 365.

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