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Tropical Fruit of Indonesia

In Indonesia there is a wide variety of fresh and local tropical fruit.  Many are fruit that we pay a premium for in Oregon but here are fairly inexpensive.  Recently we tried dragon fruit, snake fruit and star fruit.

You can buy fresh fruit and produce in the supermarket, traditional market or from any number of roving fruit vendors that traverse the streets of most neighborhoods.

Dragon Fruit – Buah Naga

The dragon fruit comes from a variety of cactus species and has a red scaly appearance.

The outer appearance of the dragon fruit is scaly or petal like.

The inside of the dragon fruit is much like a kiwi fruit

Snake Fruit – Salak

The snake fruit is appropriately named as it has a scaly outer skin that resembles a snake.

The snake fruit or salak has a scaly exterior that looks like snake skin

The scaly exterior of the snake fruit (salak) resembles the skin of a snake

The fleshy inside of the salak or snake fruit is white and the consistency of a garlic clove

Star Fruit –  Belimbing

The star fruit has a waxy exterior and when cut looks like a star or as my kids say, like Patrick from Sponge Bob

When cut the star fruit looks like a star.

Star fruit are juicy and sweet with a slight acidity. Every part of the fruit is edible including the seeds.

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