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Watermelon – Project 365: Day 178

WatermelonIn my post yesterday on corn I mentioned that two foods that really scream Summer to me were corn and watermelon.  So here is the obligatory watermelon shot.  Now I’ve posted plenty of photos of the juicy red inside of a watermelon so this time I wanted to show off the outer rind.

I thought that this would be an easy shot.  Get a watermelon.  Set up the lighting. Fire a few shots and call it good.  The truth is that this shoot was one of the most frustrating of my entire Project 365.

The main issue I had was that the outer skin of a watermelon is very shiny.  Shiny things reflect light, therefore my flash was producing a large blown out area and it seemed that no matter how I positioned the watermelon or light I just couldn’t get rid of it.

I’m no lighting expert and wouldn’t claim to be but I think I had two things working against me besides my lack of knowledge.  First, a watermelon is round and so I imagine light behaves a little differently on round objects.  Secondly, as I mentioned before the outer skin of a watermelon is shiny thus reflecting a lot of light.

I am in no way satisfied with this shot.  I still have lots to learn about lighting but here is something I learned from this shoot.  Don’t be afraid to practice and experiment.  This is the way we learn and get better.  Just as athletes workout photographers need to keep shooting and trying new things.  Stretch yourself outside your comfort level.  I’ll keep coming back to this subject until I get it right.

Hey, by the way…if you have any tips on shooting a watermelon (with a camera that is) let me know.  Would love to play around with some different techniques.

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