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Yellow Plum – Project 365/174

Yellow PlumLast weekend we picked up some yummy yellow plums.  They are so super sweet on the inside with a very bitter skin.  I find the contrast between the sour skin and the sweet juicy inside to be interesting and that is why I like these so much.  It’s a fruit that at first bite will turn a funny face into a smile as you hit the sweet center.

To create this image that seems to be a floating yellow plum I used a piece of fishing line.  Here is how it worked:

First I tied a length of fishing line to the stem of the plum and attached this to a pole that I setup in my studio.  I used a blue background to bring out the color of the plum.

I used two flashes for this shot, one was positioned camera right with a Lumiquest Softbox III and the other was camera left and bounced off the ceiling.  I adjusted the camera settings until I got the shot I was looking for.

Then in Photoshop I removed the thin fishing line from the image with the healing brush tool.  Because the fishing line is so thin it is relatively easy to remove in Photoshop.  The end result is a yellow plum that appears to be floating.

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